Import Services

Import Services

Importing goods and items can often be a more economical option than paying to have them exported from the country in which they are sat. So if you use our import services to import your items into the UK from anyone of worldwide destinations it can be more economical than paying for someone in the collection country to export the shipment to the UK.

Equally, if you live outside the UK and have an item of a shipment that you wish to have collected in the UK and imported to your own The country of our import services are the ideal solution.

International import shipments can also be fraught with issues such as customs regulations and requirements. our years of experience with international imports means that we can help with every aspect of the job from selecting the most appropriate shipping method (whether that be international sea freight, air cargo or our international air express service for the more urgent imports) through to customs clearance and paperwork.

No matter where in the world you are if you want to import services from the UK to Australia, or INDIA or USA, or you want to import to China or Import to Hong Kong We can provide you with a complete solution from collecting your item, to securely packing it, through to the international delivery and import into your country.